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Corporate Training Solutions – Nurturing The Human Side of Enterprise


Know Your True Self Research & Training Academy under the mentorship of Mr. Mahesh Sharma provides the following programs for the corporations. 
Let’s nurture the human side of the Enterprise.

1)   LEAD FROM THE FRONT - Program for senior management or higher ranks. (Duration: 4 Hrs & 8 Hrs).    Covers
·         Effective leadership which inspires trust and confidence.
·         Effective change management and its implications.
·         Making sure the harmony and balance is not affected.
·         Effective conflict resolution.
·         Inspired leadership among the following leaders.

      2) LEAD TO GROW - Program for budding leaders. (Duration: 4 Hrs & 8 Hrs format).  Covers
·         The rights and responsibility of a leader.
·         How to be a people person.
·         Why ‘talk the walk’ is important.
·         The important role of perspective.
·         Defining assumptions, attitude, and priorities.
·         Getting out of the box and promote clarity. 
       Building a strong team.  


Achieving Organizational Excellence Through Personal Effectiveness – Mass orientation behavioral excellence program. (Duration: 1 day format)
·         Knowing our own selves before knowing the world around us.
·         Enhancing the strengths and minimizing the weakness.
·         Getting along with others who are not like us.
·         Attitude sessions and putting priorities in perspective.
·         Creating and maintain the work-life balance.
·         Goal setting and time management.
·         Making commitment to lifelong learning and taking charge of personal actions and results. 

   Win Big With People FOR THOSE WHO DEAL WITH PEOPLE. (Duration: 8 Hrs.  Four Sessions)
This program caters to the specific needs of
Ø  Sales & Marketing Force
Ø  Insurance Advisors / Managers
Ø  HR Personnel & Counselors
Ø  Upcoming Leaders
Ø  Front Line & Front Desk Employees
Ø  Network Marketing Professionals
Ø  People at Leadership Positions
Ø  Anyone who deals with people in any capacity
Objective of the Workshop!  The workshop is all about knowing and understanding different personality patterns, recognizing and work on the actual strength and weaknesses of different personalities, how to smoothly get along with others and be more effective and  productive, how to establish effective communication and build rapport with clients, customers and anyone else who really matters.
This workshop not only  provides the participants the understanding and knowledge of their  basic personality patterns but also equip them to observationally identify those patterns in others and build great relationships, close more sales, earn more trust,  create great teams and, last but not the least become a ‘master  people person’. 


1)   MAXIMUM ACHIEVEMENT - Team building, management and leading program (Duration: 1 Day format)
·         Explaining Team dynamics and importance of working in team.
·         Concept of WINNING WITH PEOPLE.
·         The Pareto Principle – the 80-20 rule.
·         The team is as good as its leader – making use of talent pool and helping those who need help.
·         Understanding and alignment of the organizational and personal goals.
·         Development of Coordination, trust and cohesive team environment.
·         Making sure teams perform at its peak.


Coaching is an effective way to experience long lasting changes. This can be applied to many fields like personal growth, accepting higher levels, enhancing personal performance and leadership.
1)   TARGETED BEHAVIORAL COACHINGThis aims to change specific behavior or habits of an individual or develop new behaviors and habits to help him/her to be more effective in his/her current or future goals.
 2)   PERSONAL PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT COACHINGHelping employees at all levels better understand the requirement of their jobs and gain greater confidence to improve job performance.
 3)   RELATIONSHIP COACHINGThis coaching is for individuals who are struggling with a challenging relation whether at work or personal front, providing them effective support, information and guidance and empowering their communication and conversation to improve the relationships.


(Duration: 4 hr & 1 Day)

These workshops are on special topics which when introduced or emphasized in the organization will produce overwhelming responses.
·         EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). – EFT is among the world’s most trusted brand name in the field of Energy Psychology and being introduced and used in the corporate world as one of the most effective stress management and performance enhancement tool.
·     NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – Used as the study of excellence for years and producing tremendous results. The workshops or seminars are aimed to use the NLP techniques in motivation, time management, enhancing personal effectiveness and many other specific fields.
·    EI (Emotional Intelligence) – The studies shows increasing role of managing and understanding emotions (Emotional Intelligence) at work place in creating a trusting and harmonious environment.


(Duration: 1 Hr & 2 Hrs)

·         Personal LeadershipTaking charge of life program.
·         HD Selling (High Definition Selling) - High trust selling with repeat clients and brand building.
·         Stress & Time Management Using the latest research and methods including  EFT & NLP.
·         Motivational Sessions 70 Minutes motivation talks and speaking assignments to add energy and creating an environment for the events, training workshops and seminars.
·         Other customized sessions For groups, teams and individuals.


·         All workshops and seminars are backed up by multimedia (PowerPoint presentations, videos and audios).
·         Practical aspect has been taken care of with required exercises, tests and commitment forms.
·         Thorough discussions and Q&A sessions are promoted after each session.
·         Follow up sessions are recommended to see the progress of the principles discussed and learned.
·         Making sure the participants take home a new perspective which they can utilize and apply in both their personal and professional worlds.
·         CUSTOMISATION is highly recommended to offer the right solution and environment.

A long term schedule can be prepared and executed on a regular interval for sustained growth in targeted fields.


For more information about the methodology and live videos of the workshop or feedback of the participants please visit

Thanks & Reagards

Mahesh Sharma
for Know Your True Self ™ Research & Training Academy (KYTS RTA)                                            

Contact Nos.: Mobile: 91 9311956781 | Tel: +91 0129 4166781
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Law of Attraction – Don’t Just get Carried Away with the buzz word!

 INTENTIONS are more important than RESULTS
(The most misunderstood element of The Law of Attraction)
In 2006 when Rhonda Byrne introduced this world with her movie THE SECRET and later the book, it create a storm and we are really indebted to her for promoting an ever existed natural phenomenon in such a manner that it really reached people in a very interesting and effective way.  But as we know its not that The Law of Attraction started working for us since the book came, it is already present, it is always there.  Every religion has it in their scripture in some form or the other and in Hindu scripture we can trace its presence since the Upanishads age.
Well there is deep study and a lot of work has been done or is still being done by many authors, philosophers, scientists and other learned people of the world on the effectiveness and even the existence of such a phenomenon. Many have accepted it and started using it to get the desired result and many have rejected it and just dismissed it as many other theories. And there are some who are in between, they believe it sometimes when they get the results and don’t believe it other times when they don’t get results.  And there are those who believe its a skill and can be learnt like other skills and they use words like “I am not at good at it, if i would have known it correctly I could achieve anything.”
I also , you can say got carried away with the LAW, but as a person of inquisitive nature for human behavior, how we think, how we act and where does LAWS come from and other such things, i started to realise that may be we are really getting carried away with this LAW thing without understanding the bases on which it stands, or rather what it actually says.  While i was just wondering and confused about this all i cam across a quotation which just directed me to dig this a bit deeper.  The quotation says ” You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are!” . well this line guided me to know, learn and understand more about the LAW.
Though its a long discussion about what i have found but one thought i would like to share here with you.  While i was looking for answers of some weird questions about the LAW, it just strike me that , according to the law we can attract whatever we want, and the universe does not know the difference between NEGATIVE or POSITIVE, BAD or GOOD or you can say BLACK or WHITE.  It just knows one thing, your wish is my command.  So if you are thinking BAD, NEGATIVE or BLACK so deeply, you will attract BAD, NEGATIVE or BLACK in your life.  In the same way if a person think deeply about his success, goal, achievement – day and night – he will surely attract it in his/her life, whatever he will use it to get it.
Now mark my words – WHATEVER MEANS HE USEs TO GET THE SUCCESS.   It means if a person is criminal and he plots a murder plan, and think about it day and night and submerge himself into it – he will attract the incident of successful murder.  In the same way if an athlete wants to win a medal and he thinks about it from heart day and night, submerge himself into it, visualize it , he will attract that medal in his life – whatever the means he uses to get that medal. And it all means that you can attract whatever you think deeply about, submerge yourself into it, visualize it and make it a part of your subconscious thinking – you can achieve it – whether it is bad or good.
The conclusion here is – in the event of the interpretation of The Law of Attraction as above, RESULTS matters more than INTENTIONS.  You can be successful if you apply The LAW : it doesn’t matter what your intentions are. So if this is law of attraction’s interpretation,  than this is one of the most harmful discovery of the mankind.  Manipulators, cheaters, criminals, clever people – who are definitely more clever and learned, that’s why they can cheat and manipulate others can use this to attract what they want from the core of their heart – Violence,  control and fear.
But here comes the rescue, here comes the relief – INTENTIONS matter more than RESULTS. 
YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU WANT. My research and discovery till now reached at this conclusion.  You can attract whatever you want – but if your intentions are BAD (bad means the universal BAD) you will attract BAD sooner or later.  You can achieve success by using any means – but if you are using WRONG, UNETHICAL and HARMFUL means that success will go away sooner or later.  You can attract any relationship in your life – but if this is based on your MANIPULATIVE INTENTIONS, you will loose that relationship, sooner or later.
There are many examples of SUCCESS ACHIEVED with WRONG MEANS  catches people and strip them to their laurels, sooner or later.  The latest example is of Lance Armstrong – Any person can say that his Law of attraction  was so strong and really worked for him that he won (attracted) 7 titles (from 1999 to 2005) of Tour De France (one of the world’s toughest contest for human beings) and became the biggest names not only in sports but everywhere. Everyone gave examples of Lance for perseverance and will power. He fought with cancer and won. People prayed for him. He is the role model of many – kids and grown up both. (Even I am very much inspired with Lance and got so much motivation by reading his book “Its not about the Bike.” I also take inspiration from him in my cycling adventures).  
But INTENTIONS & METHODS to get results are more important than results. Lance success seemed to be had with wrong means.  The biggest name in the sports world, once a symbol of perseverance in the face of the most incredible odds, is now seems destined (till the writing of this article) to go down in history as one of the most brazen dope cheats that sport has ever seen.
May be people who have seen Lance Armstrong’s success but not able to see his  this ultimate failure (because they are dead now) must have thought that his Law of Attraction was strong – but it should not be forgotten for even a moment that 
and EVEN INTENTIONS are more IMPORTANT than results.
As i said their is lots of things which i found out (and still finding out) during my journey to the core of our being, and surely i will discuss many things here in the coming days also, because i feel we as human being have all the resources to succeed , to win and to live a wonderful life, inside of us only- its just a matter of understanding  our true selves and have faith in NATURE.  With spirit of understanding the laws of nature,  Lets not get carried away with the Power of Law of Attraction – we need to have best intentions too if we really wish to live with that success and happiness for long. 
Lets use the biggest secret of the century The Law of Attraction with best intentions and successfully Live, Lead & Leave a legacy for the generations to come.
Compiled By Mahesh Sharma. Mail id : 
KYTS RTA – Know Your True Self Research & Training Academy 

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Ask Mahesh – Let’s find out the solution together .

Counseling & Coaching
(Face to Face, Online, Telephone, Video, Chat, Email & Cafe Sessions)

Lets find a  way to get moving ahead in the right direction inspite of your current situation.
“Any method which causes us to move

from fear and worry

to faith and expectancy will heal.”

Base of all healing methods in the world.

We provide various counseling and therapy 

sessions in the following areas

  • Low self esteem and confidence
  • Relationship difficulties(Couples,Parents,Students,Professionals)
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Depression , Anxiety and nervousness
  • Health problems
  • Anger& stress management
  • Low motivation & mild depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Dealing with negative self talk (the critical voice)
  • Life transitions, managing change
  • Workplace conflict
  • Family problems
  • General behaviour related challenges
  • Teenage related problems

We use the following Specific moralities :
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Time Line Therapy
  • Life & Personal Performance Coaching
  • Relationship & Behavioral Counseling
  • Counselling and mentoring
  • Solution focused therapy
  • Energy psychology Healing
  • Subconscious mind programming
  • Integral coaching

I am pleased to offer counseling & Personal Performance coaching  in following modes: 
One-to-One coaching, 
Telephone Counseling, 
Skype (Video)  Counseling, 
Email Counseling, 
Home Sessions,
Cafe sessions  
and Instant Messenger Chat Counseling.
Many of the clients choose to participate in telephone counseling sessions but interest is rising regarding video/ webcam/ Skype counseling as well. 
Through Online Counseling via SKYPE and telephone sessions, I provide a private, personalized  service to clients who wish to stay in their own home or office setting during the counseling session.
Details of Professional Counseling & Coaching sessions Here’s some of the services I provide in detail. Read them carefully and then choose the service that best suit your needs:
  • Face-to-Face Sessions – Where you are required to book an appointment on the Counseling Center and you need to be present to have the One-to-One session.
  • Online video/ webcam/ Skype sessions : You will receive professional counseling and undergo coaching live, person-to-person in real time (You’ll able to see, hear and speak with me live in real-time)
  • Private Instant Messenger Chat : Chat live, online, one-on-one in a private and secure chat room with me.  We can also use the FaceBook & Gtalk for this purpose.
  • Phone Counseling : One-to-One session on phone.
  • NEW! Home Sessions : In the exceptional case when you are not able to move out from your home for any reason, we provide Home sessions.
  • NEW! Email Sessions : Email counseling is also very effective form of counseling which involves typing your feeling, thoughts, problems or concerns. I will then take the time to read the email and reply with a well thought our professional answer within 24 
  • NEW! Cafe Sessions : Counseling or coaching sessions at a neutral place such as a cafe or a restaurant. This is specific to facilitate those who are not so comfortable or for any other reason wants to have a session at a neutral place.   

Benefits of Professional Online Counseling:
  • Cost - By conducting counseling or coaching sessions on phone or online services such as FaceBook chat, Instant messengers, Skype, you will save money on traveling.
  • Comfort - You can have sessions right from your own desk, office, home or couch and that also on an convenient time.
  • Convenience - No need to spend your valuable time in travel or fight traffic.  Bad weather, lack of transportation or inability to leave home for any reason should not prevent you from a counseling or a coaching session.
  • Confidentiality - Completely avoid the Waiting room filled with strangers and office staff.  See or hear only the counselor or coach at your online or phone sessions.

          I am located in Faridabad, Haryana, India, National Capital Region.  My phone services are available throughout India and  soon to be expanded to other countries.  You simply mail or sms me for  a phone counseling session and then I will be with you within 24 hours or sooner to set up a suitable time for the session.  Phone sessions  are either 30 minutes 0r 60 minutes long.  I aim to be highly productive and encourage you to always come to calls prepared beforehand and with writing supplies handy to take plenty of notes for each session..
For those of you who’d like to talk live, face-to-face, I use Skype or Google Talk to make this possible.  Anyone who owns a PC or a laptop can download the Skype or GTalk program.  These program are free to use for PC to PC calls and I’ve found the quality to be the same or better than a traditional land line phone service.
Brand New : Online Counseling Via Emailing

Emailing therapy consists of therapeutic email conversations. This service starts out with an introduction email where we get to know each other. You can tell me what you would like to work on and how you are feeling. Then begins the online counseling. I will correspond with questions and feedback.
Brand New: I now offer an unlimited email  package. This consists of unlimited monthly email support. I will maintain email correspondence with you throughout the month and will reply to your email within an agreed upon time frame. This email therapy service is for people on the go that wants to receive support, but does not have the time to receive regularly scheduled online therapy. Click Here to Select Your Email Package

Online Counseling Via Live Chat / Instant Messenger

Chat counseling is conducted via instant messenger with me. This type of therapy is for those that want their online therapy more interactive than email support. You will meet me in a private, secure chat room at an appointed time and then the session begins via instant messenger, . This is strictly confidential and is considered an online counseling session. If you’ve used instant messenger before it is basically the same thing.

Contact details

Mahesh Sharma
466/30. Faridabad. (HR). INDIA.

Facebook Id : maheshsharma121
Yahoo messenger Id: maheshsharma_121
Gtalk Id : maheshsharma121
Skype Id : maheshsharma121

    Payment Methods
    • Direct Bank Transfer (Bank transaction reference no. to be mailed/smsed)
      • Axis bank Details : Pay to : MAHESH SHARMA.  A/C  No. : 131010100309035
      • IFSC Code : UTIB0000792.    Branch Address : SECTOR 16, FARIDABAD (HR)
    • Cash deposits in bank (intimation/scanned copy of deposit slip to be faxed/mailed)
    • Check deposits in bank** (intimation/scanned copy of deposit slip to be faxed/mailed)
    • Pay through pay pal (Credit card payment accepted) (we will send you the invoice first)

    **Subject to check realisation.

    Fee Structure

  • Each Session is of approx. 30-45 mins.
  • The initial consultation fee for
    • Phone/Online/Email/Video/Cafe sessions is Rs. 1000/-.  
    • Home Sessions is Rs. 2000/-
  • Subsequent therapy / counseling/ coaching sessions fee will be charged according to the severity of the problem, but in general 
    • Phone/Online/Email/Video sessions is 500/- per subsequent session.
    • Home/Cafe sessions is Rs 1000/- per subsequent session
  • All fees are payable at the time of consultation in case of Face to face, Home or Cafe sessions .
  • All fees are payable before the time of session in case of online, phone, video & chat sessions.
  • Cancellation fees may apply if less than 24 hours notice of a cancellation is given. 

    Free 15 Minutes Chat

To allow us a chance to get acquainted, I offer a FREE fifteen minute exploratory discussion by phone. We can review your goals and challenges, and address any initial questions. It also gives you the opportunity to feel completely comfortable working with me. Just give a call to schedule a time that’s mutually convenient. If you leave a message on our website  please include the best times of day to contact you. Please know that your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Phone / Video / Chat / Cafe  Sessions

Most of our client work is done by phone or online video conferencing. Please feel comfortable knowing that the effectiveness of our sessions specially the EFT  and counseling session is no way impaired by working over the phone or through video conferencing. You can have the same benefits of the session in the privacy of your own home  and you won’t have to waste petrol and timings in the traffic.
Procedure for Online / Phone/ Chat Sessions

Please write/call us  with details of  problem/challenge/illness and what counseling and advice you need and than we will fix up a time convenient for both, you and the therapist/counselor and inform you accordingly.  The information from our side will include the therapist/counselor’s name, phone no. email id/chat id, on-line timing (from-to), fee details etc.  And than after receiving confirmation from your side we will block the timings and initiate the process of on-line counselling.
At any time during or after or between our talks you can reach us on our phone no. and email ids for any clarifications.

Instruction for Phone/Online/Chat sessions :
  • If possible use a headset or speaker phone to free up your hands
  • Have clean drinking water available–it tends to enhance the results.
  • Have paper and pen handy for possible notes
Instruction for Cafe sessions :

  • Make sure to reach at the destination 15 minutes before.
  • Have noting pad and pen ready for possible notes
  • Selecting a less crowded place and non-prime time for the session.

Service Agreement

  • I have been informed that Mahesh Sharma is  a Personal Performance Coach, an EFT expert, a NLP pratitioner, a Relationship & Behavioral Counselor and not a licensed health care provider, therapist, or psychologist.
  • I understand that the services he provides in EFT, personal performance coaching and counseling  are educational in nature.
  • I agree that this work is not psychotherapy and I am responsible for my own well being, during and after our work together.
  • I understand that I am advised to consult with my current health care providers before changing any medications or other treatments in case of physical ailments.
  • I understand that Mahesh Sharma will not give medical advice or diagnose medical conditions.
  • I understand I may contact Mahesh Sharma for follow-up via email or phone if needed.
  • I understand that payment is requested before the session unless other arrangements have been made.
  • I understand that clients having a history of epilepsy or psychotic episodes should only do EFT while under direct supervision of a doctor or therapist.

    By booking a session with Mr. Mahesh Sharma, i agree that I have read the service agreement and understood its content.


If you have questions, please contact:

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NEW : Email Counseling Sessions

NEW : Email Counseling Sessions

Many people find it easier to express their feelings and thoughts by writing and typing out their internal experiences on a computer.
A great deal of people are able to adequately express their specific issue through online typing in a way that is more effective than any other avenues of expression.

Email therapy offers more ease of comfort and safety for those individuals who have difficulty opening up and talking about themselves in front of another person.
Some individuals are more honest, confident, and more expressive in writing than face-to-face or on the telephone. As such, email counseling and coaching offers a level of personal privacy that extends beyond what telephone and  and face-to-face counseling or coaching can offer.

With email counseling or coaching, you can set your own pace.

You can take time to compose, reflect on your responses and those of your counselor or caoch, and respond when you are ready. Messages are usually answered within 24 hours of receiving an email. It is an excellent way to review session topics, insights and assignments. It is a one of the best source of note and record keeping for both the client and the counselor or coach.

Email counseling or coaching has no time or location boundaries!
Sessions can be done at any time of day or night in the complete privacy and comfort of your home or office. Turn around response time is also excellent and allows for more measured and thoughtful responses. Busy schedules –  Traffic – Illness – not able to leave the home – will not stop you from taking a counseling and coaching session – online counseling or coaching adapts to your schedule needs by offering complete flexibility of location and time.

Fees for email exchange

Single email: 500

Subscription plans
1 week unlimited emails: 2000
2 weeks unlimited emails: 3500
3 weeks unlimited emails: 5000
1 month unlimited emails: 6500

Simply select your package above, and then complete the pre-session intake form with a brief summary of your current situation to get started. You can call me at (+91 9311956781 or mail me at if you have any questions.

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ACHIEVING PERSONAL EXCELLENCE – The Whole Person Approach to Personality Development

About the Course

Everyone of us knows the important to develop our personality, as it is the one factor which stand out at a basic level. 
Everyone out there is seeking to hire, to create and build connection with, a persona with a dynamic and confident personality. 
And surely we do a lot by attending some motivational, personal grooming, so called personality development seminar or workshop and read books on personality development to get the desired results – and many time we feel excited, thrilled and confident for the time being but a within a few weeks or even few days we tend to loose that enthusiasm and charm and we feel bad, we feel. 
This happens because we are focused on out outer personality and not the inner base. Its like watering the leaves of a tree to keep it green – whereas we need to work on the roots to keep it green. 
The outer personality like how to talk, how to walk, how to use body language, how to eat, how to carry status are Leaves – they are important to be taken care of but first we need to nurture the roots – i.e over belief systems, our inherent behavior traits, our thought process, our character. 
And this workshop is designed to help you to nurture and take care of your roots before going out. And as a matter of fact if you take good care of your roots – you need not to take care of leaves – they are automatically be taken care of.

Topics Covered

The workshop exclusively deals with 
** The inherent behavior traits – your inborn personality. 
**The meaning and importance of personality and difference of outer and inner personality 
**Focus of understanding of your basic nature and develop your personality from thereon. 
** A scientific test to find out your basic inborn personality traints 
** Characteristics and strength and weaknesses of your unique inner personality 
** Ways to enhance the strengths – the god gifts of your unique personality and how to minimize the areas which are not so strong. 
** Understand of your inherent style to face the stress, anger, challenges and find out the effective ways to deal with them in your natural style. 
** Studying of effect of inherent beahviour traits on your habits, skills and reactions like – driving skills, eating habits, job preference, relationship etc 
** Use of your unique body language 
** A special module on Personal Leadership 
** Tips of using your birth gifts to create and genuine dynamic personlaity

Who should attend

Any who is keen to develop from inside out.
- who wants to use the natural abilities and talents and are fed up by external artificial teachings
- who wants to know who he/she really is and why he acts the way he/she acts.
- who wants a natural way to utilize his/her potential
- who is keen to be a balanced personality with enhanced self-esteem & confidence
- who wants to enter in the workforce with his/her genuine abilities
- who wish to stand out above the rest and be comfortable and confident in his/herself


** A zeal for personal excellence.
** A will to work on self to improve and learn.
** A desire to re-discover self.
and of course to have a confident, magnetic and dynamic personality.

What you need to bring

Nothing except the mindset of learning and improving.

Key Takeaways

** An understanding of deeper self
** A new look at the strengths or weakness of self
** A perspective on outer and inner personality
** A confident outlook to see the world around.
** A clear path to move on
** An understanding of birth gifts and how to use them
** A genuine, confident and dynamic personality.
** Tools to face challenges, stress and difficult situation.
** A mindset of a winner, a mindset of a valuable person, a mindset of a genuinely progressive human being.

Participation FEE

** Participation FEE : 1200/- per participant. 


One Day Workshop.  For more details regarding dates, venues & Trainers Profile  please log on to or call : +91 9311956781 0r mail at  For trainers profile please click HERE ._________________________________________________________________________________

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THE STRONG CONNECTION – Develop The Art of Connecting with People – Especially With Your Own Self – One Day Workshop.

About the Workshop
We are surrounded by people everywhere; at home, at work, at social events everywhere and moreover we are surrounded by people who are different than us, who are louder, calmer, proactive, more perfection oriented, more ambitious, in other words different than us. And our success as a social animal depends greatly on how we deal with people who are around us everywhere. Our quality of relationships, our love life, and our professional success, even our emotional and physical health largely depends on how we deal and get along with others who matters to us in our lives. 
“Our success in professional and personal world largely depends on how we get along with people who matters in our lives. Human relations are the most important science today.” 
And there is one more relationship which needs to be taken care of before anything else, and ie. Our relationships with our own self. Because if we are not comfortable and at peace with ourselves, we cannot be comfortable and with peace with anyone around us. 
The workshop is exactly design for the sole purpose of creating and maintaining long lasting relationships with important people in our life, especially with our own self. It will not only introduce us to our true self but also help us to see our most important relationships in an entirely different perspective. It will not only show us how we see the world but also how people perceive us, not only how to get along with anyone but also how to speak up for our own self, not only how to understand others point of view but also how to put our point across effectively. 

Topics Covered

The topics of the Workshop will be: 
** How we are hardwired to behave. 
** What is our true nature, our inherent behavior? 
** Personal Personality Profiling of each individual. 
** How our inherent behavior traits effects important aspect of our lives like, driving skills, carrying out orders, our love life, our eating and sleeping habits, our job preferences, our study habits, the way we shop, our communication, our parenting, our money handling, our home management and even our spiritual inclination etc. 
** What are our true gifts and areas to work upon? 
**How we can minimize the weaknesses in our personality and how we can enhance our strengths and utilize our birth gifts. 
**How to get along with people who are not like us ie who are different than us. 
** How to develop amiable and long lasting relationships with people who matters to us. 
** How to deal effectively with difficult personalities at home, work and society. 
** Suggestions to deal with our own blind spots and hard to get-rid-off unwanted habits. 
** What is the co-relation between our emotional and physical health and our inherent behavior traits? 
** What’s our inherent leadership style and how to use that effectively? 
** Which careers are most suitable to our inherent behavior style? 
** Which inherent behavior styles are more prone to depression, anxiety, nervousness, negative thinking, loneliness, and which are more prone to bone disease, heart related challenges and how to recognize the symptoms and find better ways to come out of these traps? 
** A special module on how to find our voice, ie how to recognize our passion and move on with it. 

Who should attend

** Who wants to develop good relationships with the people who matters most in his/her life?
** Who wants to deal with people around him/her effectively specially with difficult personalities?
** Whose profession depends on dealing with people?
** Is keen to find out his/her unique personality’s inherent gifts and area to work upon.
** Who is facing challenge in dealing with people who matters in his/her life like spouse, kids, bosses, colleges, business partners, friends, and parents; and wants to have amiable relationships with them?
** Who is keen to know which kinds of professions are most suitable for him/her?
** Who wants to find out and work on his/her lifelong passion?
** Who is facing challenges in workplace relationships?
** Who wants a genuine impressive & confident personality and get rid of limiting beliefs, lack of self-confidence, inability to speak up for him/herself, increase self-esteem.
** Who wants to know and discover his/her true nature, the inherent behavior traits and would like to develop a genuine, honest and impressive approach to a dynamic personality. 


Anyone can attend the workshop who lay enough importance to building and maintaining productive and effective relationships, open to new ways of dealing with challenges and want to rediscover & develop his/hers genuine approach to a dynamic and confident personality.

What you need to bring

You need to bring nothing with you, except coming in comfortable dress.
Everything is being provided in the class – from course material to writing instruments. 

Key Takeaways

The workshop will have a long lasting impact on your outlook, understand and personality:
You will
** Feel More confidence & More in control.
** Find Clarity in understanding self and people around you.
** Develop Understanding of the amazing phenomenon – inherent behavior traits and its impact.
** Get a life time learning of how you are hardwired to behave and how to effectively deal with those who are not like you.
** Become better in speaking up for yourself and seeing the world in a altogether different aspect specially your bosses, colleges, partner, teachers, mentors, spouse, kids, friends.
** Develop the ability to rationally see the situation & feeling of fulfillment and clarity.
** Feel free of limiting beliefs and gradually develop a confident, impressive and dynamic personality.


** Participation FEE : 2500/- per participant. (Incl. of detailed course material, refreshment, lunch and post workshop services)
** Special Couple Participation FEE : 4500/-
One Day Workshop.  For more details : dates, venues & Trainers Profile  please log on to or call : +91 9311956781 0r mail at For trainers profile please click HERE .

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Already a Decent Speaker? Here Are 5 Expert Tips.

Every great leader must be adept at making presentations. Here’s how to perfect yours. 
I recently outlined the eight basic tips every presenter should consider. Here are five advanced tips will make your presentation that much more memorable:
1. Start With Your Face
Make good eye contact by moving them across the room in a tic-tac-toe pattern and briefly locking eyes with as many people as you can. Linger long enough to complete a thought or statement. You want everyone in the room to feel you are giving the presentation just to him.
Your facial expressions should be deliberate and purposeful. If you look down or away, your audience will perceive it as a lack of confidence or that you are trying to remember a point you forgot. Remember to smile.
2. Use Your Body
Always utilize your body–not your slides–to keep your audience engaged. Use elaborate hand gestures to emphasize size, shape, direction, or to make a point. Your motions will feel extreme, but your audience is typically further away, so grand gestures will only keep people engaged and help them visualize your point.
Resist any temptation to stay stationary behind a podium. Use your entire presentation space, and make sure you move with purpose and command the stage. Never put your back to your audience.
Your slides should be simple and support what you say, but should not distract your audience from focusing exclusively on you.
3. Master Your Voice 
The biggest mistake most speakers make is a failure to slow down or use pauses. Silence and space between words allows for emphasis and lets your audience catch up with your ideas. Count to two in your head after making a point or after the laughter dies down. It will seem like an eternity, but it’s much shorter than you think.Your voice is your most powerful and important asset while you are on the stage. Use inflection wisely to keep your speech interesting, and project your voice to the very back of the room. Understand that how you say your speech is as important as what you say. A slight lift in your voice means you are asking a question; ending your sentence slightly lower indicates authority.
Avoid filler words or phrases: “like,” “um,” “so,” “right.” Become mindful of the things you say that are unnecessary. Make every word choice wisely.
4. Shake It Up
No matter how incredible your presentation is, your audience has a limited attention span. Find opportunities to make the presentation entertaining and interactive. You can field questions, use technology like TextTheMob to poll your audience, or break into smaller groups to do an activity. 
5. Practice–a Lot
The most important thing you can do, above all other suggestions, is to practice, practice, practice. Malcom Gladwell in his book Outliers says that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. The ability to deliver a good presentation is no different. I record myself as I practice and use the video to help me fine-tune my delivery.
Eric V. Holtzclaw is CEO and founder of User Insight, a user-experience strategy and consulting firm. Holtzclaw’s weekly radio show, The “Better You” Project, shines a spotlight on entrepreneurs’ business journeys. @eholtzclaw


Compiled By Mahesh Sharma. Mail id : 
KYTS RTA – Know Your True Self Research & Training Academy 

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Who Needs An Executive Coach?

Douglas McKenna08.04.09, 06:30 PM EDT

Not everybody. Here are five questions to answer before you hire one.

Executive coaching is hot. What was stigma (“You’re so broken you need a coach?”) has become status symbol (“You’re so valuable you get a coach?”). Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps have coaches. Even President Barack Obama has a coach, if you count David Axelrod.Microsoft‘s young high-potential leaders get coaches. If elite athletes and organizations think they need coaches, shouldn’t you have one too? Shouldn’t we all?
No. Executive coaching–personal training in leadership from someone who provides it for a living–should be used like a powerful prescription drug that works best under certain conditions. When employed as a cure-all, it is less effective, too expensive and has negative side effects.
Executive coaching is not aspirin. It’s interferon. So when should it be prescribed for an executive? When should it be avoided?
Based on the latest research and 25 years I’ve spent coaching senior executives and high-potential young leaders, here are five diagnostic questions you should ask before making the decision to hire a coach.
1. How valuable is this person’s performance and potential to your organization?
When done right, executive coaching is expensive and time-consuming. It should be reserved for people who are critical to your organization’s success, or will be in the future. In general, this includes everyone at C-level, heads of major business units or functions, technical or functional wizards, and your bench of high-potential young leaders.
Just how expensive and time-consuming is executive coaching? Although there is tremendous variation in fees and arrangements among coaches, be prepared to pay a C-level coach what you pay your top attorney. If this seems excessive, consider that a coach must have the experience and expertise to quickly grasp a leader’s situation, challenge assumptions and choices, and bring credible, fresh ideas to the table. Doing this with your best and brightest is not easy. And given the influence a coach can have on an executive’s decisions and actions over the course of a typical six-to-12-month engagement involving bimonthly meetings, regular phone calls and e-mail check-ins, a bargain coach whose sophistication does not match the client’s is a big mistake.
2. What is the challenge the person is facing right now?
People, relationships, organizations and behavioral change are what executive coaches know best. When an executive is struggling to learn how to best manage herself and engage others, you’ve found the sweet spot for executive coaching.
He might be a chief executive officer trying to figure out how to work with his board chair. Or a regional vice president scaling up to global responsibility, learning how to lead her former peers. Or a technical wizard who destroys teams with his resistance to all ideas but his own.
But be warned: An executive coach is not a consultant. He may have technical or functional expertise. But he should not be used as an answer person, an extra pair of hands or a bolster for a weak leader. He helps executives think through and tackle their own problems. Self-reliance, not dependency, is the goal.
3. How willing and able will the executive be to work with a coach?
The client has got to want to change. A bright, motivated coaching client can step up to most challenges. A bright, unmotivated one will waste everyone’s time and money. Working with an executive who has been pressured into coaching by his boss or human resources department is an uphill battle, though it’s not impossible.
Coachability is important. Look for a track record of unusual growth under the guidance of teachers and mentors. Coachable executives readily share their experience. They are realistic about their strengths and weaknesses. They learn from others but do it their own way, taking responsibility for whatever happens. They know how to leverage a coach.
4. What alternatives to coaching are available?
There are many ways to help executives grow as leaders. High-level training, mentoring, reading, job rotation and special assignments are just a few. The most overlooked alternative is attention from the individual’s own manager. As coaching has become more fashionable, I’ve seen too many managers abdicate their own coaching responsibilities, turning a struggling executive over to a professional. Sometimes the problem is beyond what the manager can handle. But often managers hand off executives because they’d rather not deal with messy people stuff.
The manager is already being paid to coach. Don’t incur an executive coaching expense if the problem is within that manager’s capabilities.
5. Are key people in the organization ready to support this person’s efforts to grow and change?
Changing the way you think and act is tough even when you have support from others. But when key leaders above or beside you are indifferent, skeptical or hostile to changes you’re trying to make, things get exponentially more difficult. Coaching works best when key people in the executive’s world stand solidly behind her. They need to provide tailwinds, not headwinds. Coaching relationships in a vacuum of support fall apart before any goals are achieved.
When conditions are right, executive coaching can be one of the best people investments you’ll ever make. But it is not a panacea for every executive development problem. Answer these five questions, and you’ll make better decisions about who is likely to benefit from coaching. And who isn’t.
Compiled By Mahesh Sharma. Mail id : 
KYTS RTA – Know Your True Self Research & Training Academy 

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Executive Life Coaching – Is That An Oxymoron?

Who says executives have a life? The long hours, your boss’ demands ringing in your ears, the deadlines…oh the deadlines! I’ll get back to life sometime in the next 15 years.

An executive’s life is a roller coaster of decisions. But I only want you to answer one question:
What decisions are you making now to improve your life in a significant way?
Let’s ignore the thought that you may have in your head right now, the one telling you: “My life is my work” and focus on what makes up your life. What’s really important?
Can you see the big picture? I’ll bet that you recognize that your life has a lot more to it, than how many hours you spend at the office.

Am I Wrong?


Let’s see. When we think of executive coaching we automatically assign a particular frame to it – the executive world. A corporate landscape filled with men in suits.
We think of a bold, self confident and demanding top dog that calls the shots. In a sense, many executives fill that persona.
An attentive person, however takes care to separate a job from the person doing the job.
The main goal of executive coaching is to help an executive perform better and achieve results, in light of a larger corporate goal. To do this though, a coach will use an array of techniques that come from many areas of coaching.
While the focus of an executive coach remains in context, executive life coaching shifts its sites towards improving your life as an executive.

What Does This Mean?

It means taking the steps that you always wanted to take-but somehow managed to avoid- to live your life according to your vision.

Do you want to change your life? There is no better time than now. Rest assured that no man on his death bed ever looked up into eyes of his family and friends and said, “I wish I’d spend more time at the office.”

What Do You Want To Focus On?

Will coaching help me in your role as an executive or are the results that you’re looking for relate to your life as a whole?

Clarifying what your vision and expectations are increase your potential for an effective outcome, one that serve you better and helps you grow.
Making the difference is important because this will give you the opportunity to view things from several perspectives, which can lead to truly powerful insight and perhaps opportunities that you may not be aware of.
The point is this, if you expect different results as an executive, in your life, whatever the case may be, then try something different. Albert Einstein remarked “The very definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.”
…What’s your next step?
©2001-2009 What-IS-Coaching. All Rights Reserved.
Article written by Jean Paul Cortes.
Wouldn’t you love to find a treasure chest full of personal development ideas? Find simple and effective strategies on personal coaching, self-help, life coaching, executive coaching and business coaching. Head down today and find out for yourself. 

Compiled By Mahesh Sharma. Mail id : 
KYTS RTA – Know Your True Self Research & Training Academy 

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Executive Coaching Can Bring You BIG! Results.

In 2004 the Harvard Business Review, reported that Executive Coaching is a $1 billion industry. In certain countries as much as 88% of Companies use coaching. A few years later, it seems that it’s not slowing down any time soon.
So what’s driving this growth?
Results. Plain and simple.
The case for executive coaching is that it’s working. Understanding why it works and learning how to use it, is helping executives be better at their jobs and it’s saving companies a ton of money.
At the core, what an executive coach does is simple: make questions, a lot of them. The type of questions that drive a process of self discovery and awareness of yourself as an executive and as a human being.

Why Would You Need Coaching?

My answer is that you don’t necessarily need coaching, but you probably know that there’s always room for improvement, we all have blind spots that need to be looked at. Understanding yourself and the effects you have on other people may give you opportunities for growth and development.

There’s something else you may find of worth, in many workplaces today having a coach means that you’re valued by your company; enough for them to provide you a coach that will make sure you shine.

But Why Coaching and Not Something Else?

Coaching is not an easy process. But it is an effective process. You must be open to trust and into looking deeper into the way you do things.

At the heart of change lies the notion that we grow by asking questions. A deeper understanding requires a different way of thinking, one that calls for awareness of everything you do.
Executive Coaching aims at producing measurable results and to improve the process for achieving these results.
It works because you are driving the growth, you are paving the way to your vision. Coaching provides avenues to getting to where you want, by exploring other perspectives and challenging you to think differently.
Your executive coach is there to make you look good. And because the coach is committed to your growth, it’s a safe place to test out the waters.
Don’t take my word for it. I know that results are what matters, this is where the rubber meets the road. So consider what your expectations are:
  • Increasing your Performance by 10-20-50%?
  • Developing your leadership skills, confidence and awareness?
  • Accomplishing specific goals?
  • Improving your communication skills?
Whatever you want to work on, talk it out with your coach and lay out a plan.

Coaching Starts With YOU

It’s a present-centered awareness of what you want to achieve, how you’re going to achieve it, when you’re going to achieve it and moving towards getting it. It’s an everyday thing.

Let’s make an experiment to examine what it might take for you to benefit from an executive coaching process:
  1. You have to be willing to change. There are no shortcuts, if you are not committed to make the effort it won’t work out, it frequently means that you’re not ready. Look for another solution, coaching may not be right for you.
  2. Be open to candor. Feedback is a cornerstone of improvement; it’s pretty hard to see outside yourself so you need the perceptions of other people that you interact with (give it a shot, I guarantee that you may not like what you see but the insight has the best ROI you’ll get).
  3. Measure yourself accordingly. Guess what? These measures most likely should come from the people that work for you, again, you’re looking for honest feedback to be able to assess where you stand.
  4. Here’s the hard truth, seldom do we listen. There may be a reason why we were given two ears and just one mouth. Keep quiet and listen to feedback, really listen; no talking, take the road less taken and experiment with listening. And then ask for ideas on how you can change.
  5. Enjoy the process, coaching is about establishing a dialogue, there’s no judgment, no right or wrong. Step into the water it’s really fine! Allow yourself this freedom.
Coaching is about changing your reality, not working around it. It requires that you ask yourself deep questions about who you are. This takes time and it all depends on how willing you are to change. You do get better by honestly following through.
Does this all sound too mushy, mushy, pie in the sky nonsense?
Today’s companies are people companies. Executives are in need of new tools to develop and tap into the power of collective human behavior. Look at it this way, if the results you’re getting are not those you expected maybe it’s time to ask yourself some important questions.
Many high profile executives such as Jack Welch and Michael Dell have realized that people need Coaching. Why? Because it takes courage to change.
Galileo said, “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
My question to you is: how soon are you willing to do something?

Keep In Mind…

  • Executive Coaching is not for everyone, don’t hit yourself on the head if it doesn’t work out. Focus on getting a good fit with your coach. You’re going to be doing a lot of work on yourself so it’s important to have someone you trust.
  • Coaching is still a relatively new field, there are a lot of coaches out there, of course many of them just call themselves coaches. Look for experience and qualifications.
  • Standardized measurements of the value of coaching are somewhat scarce. I believe that a lot depends on what you are measuring, the impact is more qualitative in nature. An executive’s increase in confidence for example, that is directly attributed to being coached, is hard to measure.
Remember it is a process, let it work. Measure the results and decide if it’s for you.
©2001-2009 What-IS-Coaching. All Rights Reserved.
Article written by Jean Paul Cortes.
Wouldn’t you love to find a treasure chest full of personal development ideas? Find simple and effective strategies on personal coaching, self-help, life coaching, executive coaching and business coaching. Head down today and find out for yourself.

Compiled By Mahesh Sharma. Mail id : 
KYTS RTA – Know Your True Self Research & Training Academy 

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