KYTS Foundation

KYTS Foundation
Let’s start giving back to the world
that has given us so much

KYTS Foundation, the social wing of KnowYourTrueSelf™, is aimed to promote and advocate the idea of giving back to society what we actually owe to it. We all have been gifted some way or the other.  We all have some talent or exclusive characteristic which others don’t have. Whether big or small, whether very important or normal, whether extraordinary or ordinary, yet we do have something to offer to someone who needs it. Energy exchange is a universal law. As you have understood that everything in the universe is energy and  energy exchange is always there in the universe. So why stop that exchange. Why hold that exchange. Why not continue with the law of the universe. Why not share your knowledge with others.  Why not share your experiences with others. Why not give others something of value for them.  Why not share happiness. Why not give something for nothing. Rest assured when you do that you have an unparalleled sense of achievement, invaluable experience and self satisfaction. This is an experience only to be experienced.
We can start from whatever we can do, share or give.  Size, amount or time doesn’t matter. What matters are your feelings.  Yes, the feeling that you are contributing without any selfish motives is the best feeling you can have and that feeling will bring peace, harmony, success and happiness in the true sense.
So join hands and start giving back to society in whatever form you can give.  Join us at  KYTS Foundation and exchange with the world whatever you can exchange.

For more information about the foundation’s mission and for contributing to the cause, feel free to call us at    +91 9311956781, 9311006311 or mail us at

Mahesh Sharma – Life Coach, Behavioral Counselor, Certified NLP & EFT Practitioner,
Corporate Trainer, Speaker, Author and  Energy Psychology Researcher

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